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Mission Statement
We take pride in being of service to the public and excel at it.

ďSt Paulís Bay Local Council's mission is to improve the quality of life for people living in the urban, rural and coastal areas of our locality in a sustainable way and enhance the attractiveness of St Paulís Bay as a place to live in, work, enjoy and invest both for present and future generations.

Our Vision
As a body composed of dynamic, creative, innovative and dedicated people we focus on continuously improving our ability to provide a variety of public services in a climate of increasing change. By applying advanced technologies, improving our work processes, and building partnerships with interested stakeholders we aim to excel both in providing for the needs of our community and to deliver exceptional value for all St Paulís Bayís residents, visitors and businesses . The promotion of our localityís rich multicultural diversity, sustainable development, the transformation of our locality into a destination of excellence and the hosting of world class international events are topmost ongoing priorities.

Major Values and Goals of Our Council
Responsiveness Honesty and integrity Accountability Excellence Open, clear and frequent communication Innocation Diversity and inclusiveness

To anticipate and provide for the needs of the entire community (permanent residents, summer residents and visitors alike) through quality cost-effective service (value for money) of a high standard, accessible services (including on-line, e.g. e-government) and innovation while respecting the rights and needs of individuals and specific sectors

To develop a culture of fast and efficient customer care throughout the locality with the Local Council being a leader, setting the example to all public and private service providers. We constantly monitor our performance, methods and systems to ensure ever efficient and positive results

To protect the natural environment of the locality and encourage renewal and redevelopment consistent with our history,
To encourage and promote sustainable development in all spheres of life including niche tourism (e.g. ecotourism, agrotourism, religious tourism) and other sectors (e.g. aquaculture).

To secure a safe roads network (including safe pavements which are accessible to ALL residents), ample parking facilities and the provision of adequate public transport services and traffic management to satisfy the present and projected needs and requirements of all who live, work or visit the locality 

To assist in the orderly and sustainable development of the natural and cultural resources (and other assets) of the locality in order to maximise employment opportunities especially green jobs

To provide other essential public services (including safe and clean streets; creation, preservation and proper management of soft areas and open spaces that are clean, tidy and free from litter, graffiti and vandalism for the enjoyment of all; efficient solid waste management; decent public conveniences, etc.) in order to improve living conditions and quality of life for everyone

To maximise the potential of our Administrative Office so as to deliver the Councilís services as close as possible to the people we serve

To improve the public perception of the Council as a modern, efficient and effective public service provider

To maximise the potential of all our Local Council staff through teamwork, empowerment and development

To support and enhance the role of the elected Councillor in accordance with the principles of representative and participative democracy.

To assist the responsible authorities in the abatement of air, water, noise, light and other forms of pollution so that residents and visitors can enjoy healthy, serene and peaceful surroundings

To assist the police authorities in law enforcement and the prevention and reduction of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviours so as to create a safer environment for one to live, work and visit  

To work hand in hand with and assist local non-governmental organisations and religious authorities in the fields of culture, education, environment, social work and the eradication of poverty among others

To provide for a just and open administration of Council business which is both accountable and transparent including among others the use of on-line streaming of Council meetings and public participation in the adjudication of tenders

To assist those communites in our locality which still lack a sense of belongin and identity so as to engender a greater community feeling

To assist farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, businesses and residents in the promotion of local produce and traditional, historical and cultural products, services and customs and promote sustainable work practices (e.g. organic farming, fishing, etc.)

To maintain effective communication (listening and responding) with all communities in the locality and encourage participative democracy through broad-based public dialogue and consensus concerning strategic issues, the use of Council;s website and othe innovative means.

To promote the economic viability of the locality

To promote equal opportunities for all and assist in the provision of adequate health care especially for low income earners. All our work and initiatives are to be guided with a social conscience

To respect and promote the diversity of ideas, cultures, creeds and beliefs and combat all forms of discrimination (whatever the unfounded basis) and homophobia.  The integration of all residents (irrespective of age, social status, nationality, gender, etc.) and family types in the community is foremost on our agenda.

We believe that we must be flexible in all that we do in order to meet opportunities quickly and successfully, therefore we encourage initiative, innovation, adaptability and the flow of ideas.